Skills Camp 2019

Skills camp


Skills Camp was the 26th -28th April and this is the annual camp where they get to put their skills they’ve learned over the past year and put them to the test. The sixers and seconders support their six and help them to either gain skills they do not have yet or to succeed in getting better with them. During cooking each six was supported and supervised by either a Young Leader or Adult Leader or both. After each meal they had to clean up their utensils and plates, bowls etc.. and each of their own campsites. On the hike we had some entertainment from cows and dodging cow pats on the way. We played some wide games to kill time before a campfire with some of the cubs leading a few of the campfire songs and sketches. But the leaders lead most of them. Next Year at skills camp we hope to have more fun and learn even more skills than this one.

Published on 23rd May 2019
Written by Logan (YL)